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Over the past through years, one of the most frequent questions I’ve asked or have been asked is:

What do you do when you think you have found your purpose?

This question is jam-packed with so many different thoughts and there is no definitive answer as we all navigate through our purpose in a variety of ways.

We once brainstormed this topic at one of our mGroups last year and people gave answers such as ‘Work hard’, ‘Pray’, ‘Network’ and ‘Apply for relevant courses’. These are all great answers but after applying these, what do you when there seems to be no progress?

We’ve all experienced those awkward conversations when people we haven’t seen in a long time ask what we’re doing in life and we apprehensively say something, realising that our reality doesn’t match our believed ability. In these moments we can easily feel frustrated, hopeless and inadequate as a lack of significant momentum often seems like an enemy of progress.

However, I believe that it is in these moments that you have the opportunity to develop when nobody is watching. Success isn’t devoid of hardships and obstacles, but it is the very presence of these that makes any success meaningful.

‘In The Gap between where you are now and where God is calling you there is room to grow’

This sentence challenges me everyday and has enabled me to realise that patience is key. As the legendary band, Take That once sang: ‘Have a little patience’. It’s easy to focus on what you DON’T have and lose sight of what God can do with what you DO have.

A man named David in the Bible has been teaching me this very lesson. He was initially seen as this skinny little boy, not fit to be a King. However, after being chosen by Samuel to be the next King a GAP appeared. He used this to his benefit as he was next described as being ‘a brave warrior’ by the current King's servants who were recruiting.

Between the promise and the palace, there was a process which David used to develop his character and stature.

This tells me two things: You never know who’s watching, so keep grinding! And fully embrace the season you’re in, as what you learn now will sustain you in your future.

God Bless,

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