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Have you ever started to walk downstairs from your room to get something but then all of a sudden forgot what you were going to do?

I recently did this. I was walking from my bedroom downstairs to the kitchen. I was supposed to go and grab my laptop but I completely forgot why I was going downstairs. Because I forgot the reason for coming downstairs I started to go into every room trying to remember what I was supposed to do. Finally it clicked and I went back to the kitchen and got my laptop. 

The incident kind of reminded me of what our lives can look like when we don't have purpose. We can wander around and go from one job or from one place or from one person but because we don't know what our purpose is, we don't really know what we are doing. It's only until we find our purpose we realise what we were supposed to be doing. Just like how I couldn't remember the reason why I went downstairs, I couldn't find my laptop; I had no reason for being there. It was only until I found my reason, my purpose, that I could do what I was meant to do. 

We were created with a purpose, with a reason for living. We were not meant to wander around aimlessly. But here's the catch, our purpose doesn't just fall from the sky; our purpose comes from the One who created us. Our purpose comes from our walk with God and who He created us to be. Until we get to know the Creator, we will never know what the creation, that's us, was made to do. 

This week we are starting our 3 part series on Purpose for our town mGroup and I would hope as we start this series and throughout the week you will start to get to know God and the purpose you were created for. 

As a famous Canadian singer once sang: Thank God for the best gift, you give me purpose everyday and in every way.

God bless, 

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